What We Do

PawzLife is simple. We promote clean communities and pet ownership responsibility by matching DNA samples from the area dogs to that of the fecal matter found in a community.

To get started, we work closely with community managers to throw a PawzLife pup party. At the pup party there will be doggy bags filled with goodies for all the dogs, and light refreshments for all the people. During the pup party we will be collecting a saliva sample from each dog to create a unique DNA profile. As new residents move into the area they will be required to do the same and their dog will be added to the database. Once we have all the dogs profiled in the program we then come out to do a clean sweep of the community. We want to be clear that this clean sweep will be discarded and analysis will NOT be run on any fecal matter found. This ensures that the community and its residents has a fresh start and going forward we hope to keep it that way.

If a match is made

After the clean sweep we will come out on a regular basis every month. While we are out in the community, we will be looking for un-scooped dog waste. Dog waste that is not picked up will be collected and analyzed then profiled against the community DNA database. When a genetic match is made we provide the community manager with the results. Per your community policy there are fines and repercussions associated with matches made.

So please be a part of the solution, pick up after your pup and enjoy your community.

Collecting a saliva sample is quick and painless!

We understand that your dog is like family because that is how we see our dogs. The PawzLife program will help keep dog waste where it belongs which has beneficial outcomes for people, pups and planet. After every saliva collection each dog receives a goody bag and a cookie!