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Dog waste that is not picked up presents challenges for us, our dogs and the environment. The PawzLife program is a green amenity that offers communities a solution for pet waste management. DNA analysis of all the dogs in a community creates a level playing field for all pup parents. It raises the standard for those who don’t feel it is there responsibility. We realize that most pup parents pick up after their dogs but unfortunately it only takes a couple of dogs to make a big impact. So, if you are ready to see your community, neighborhood, town or city Go green. Stay clean. then consider partnering with PawzLife to help preserve our environment, your community, for future generations one pile at a time.

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The PawzLife Team

The set up is quick, easy and professional!

​We come out and handle the A to Z of the PawzLife party. From registration and saliva collection to refreshments and goody bags!