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Dog waste biodegrades slowly and it’s not fertilizer

A common misconception is that it is okay to leave dog waste because it will break down naturally and act as a fertilizer. While dog waste does biodegrade, the process if very slow and can take up to one year. Also, although the dog waste may biodegrade, harmful viruses, bacteria, and parasites can continue to live on even when the waste is gone. In communities where the dog population is high, abandoned dog waste can accumulate much faster than it breaks down and will be swept into our waterways long before it biodegrades.

Dog waste pollutes the water

When it rains, viruses and bacteria in dog waste wash directly into the storm drainage system, then into our waterways, untreated! Dog waste, like any feces, contains high levels of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus, which actually pollute the water supply. These nutrients feed and stimulate the growth of algae in water bodies in much the same way fertilizers help lawns to grow. This can cause the local waterways to become depleted in oxygen, making it less healthy for fish and other aquatic life. Large levels of algae growth can impede the recreational and aesthetic value of water, too.

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