Why It’s Important

Pet waste that is not disposed of properly is not only a nuisance, but also presents a challenge to both the environment and overall health of the community. When it rains, bacteria and pathogens in pet waste wash directly into the storm drains then into nearby waterways, untreated. Also, pet waste endangers public health by placing people, especially children, and other pets at risk of disease and infection. “Decaying pet waste consumes oxygen and sometimes releases ammonia. Low oxygen levels and ammonia can damage the health of fish and other aquatic life. Pet waste carries bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can threaten the health of humans and wildlife”, according to the EPA (for more information see “Benefits: For the Planet”). A byproduct of implementing the PawzLife Program is healthier people, pups, and planet!

Lets see signs like these come down by doing our part as responsible dog parents.